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The docks at Tala Rane
The docks at Tala Rane
House Dimir Alley
House Dimir Alley

Welcome to the Tapestry.

Currently under construction - but then, aren't we all always under construction?

Links and pages and hubs, oh my!

The Obsidian Campaign Hub

The tales of The Orb Walkers

The Sunvar Campaign Hub

The tales of The Entourage of Charlip Sunvar III

As said by The D-Emperor himself -

"Ask not what your wiki can do for you, but what you can do for your wiki"

Magic Quarter of Rathir
Magic Quarter of Rathir

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Template Usage

If you want to see what templates are available, see the article here. David and I will continue to add to this page as more templates become available. If you have some level of technical ability, feel free to contribute! It's only markup after all. If not, still check it out now and then, and if you're making a new page, check if there's a template for the infobox (for example, if you're making the page for an NPC, there is an NPC infobox). If you need help on how to use templates, ask in Discord.