Samuel Truestone

Samuel Truestone
Full Name: Samuel Truestone
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Race: Dwarf
Physical Description: Diminutive, haggard and clean shaven. Grey haired.
Last known location: Tala Rane
Faction: The Orb Walkers

Samuel Truestone is a former Octienne of The Templar Order, currently in hiding from his former faction due to be pursued by Tredigar Hackshield, his former research partner (with Vistrum Blackstone).

Time with the Templars

A skilled mage and academic, Samuel worked with Tredigar and Vistrum to research the idea of a Well of Souls, a portal between the Material Plane and The Fade. After Vistrum took the research too far, Tredigar disavowed both his former friends, and sent Templars to root them out and bring them to justice. Among these was Thoradin Clearsight, sent after to Vistrum's last known location of the Village of Gorhart.

Time in the Underdark

Samuel eventually found himself in - and eventually beneath - the mining town of Glendara. In his time there, he was captured by the Duregar, who compelled him to create zombies and other violations against nature under his moniker "The Stitcher". He was eventually rescued by The Orb Walkers.

Time with The Orb Walkers

Samuel was sent to Tala Rane, where Breya Cuttlescar was able to keep him safe from Tredigar for a time. Eventually the party met with him again, and as of late his home has been The Belly of the Beast, which he looks after while the party is away.