Full Name: Emren
Party: Charlip's Angels
Class and Subclass Info: Level 7 - War Wizard
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Race: Rock Gnome
Date of Birth (Age): Emren believes he is 106 years old - DOB 4-20-4-2410
Physical Description: Emren is a 3ft tall manlet with short grey hair and a silver beard and moustache. He is clad in dark blue travelling robes lined with silver trim, and has a pair of travelling shoes with the same motif. Emren carries a bag that would drag along the floor were it not for the silver pins that kept it aloft.

Before the Party

Some time ago Emren was in training as a war mage for the Dominion and was a prodigious student. At some point between the training and his current situation, a period that could span a number of years, Emren does not remember what happened to him. All that he knows is that he has been provisionally reassigned to the Praecursator Corps and has been gifted a house by the city. In recognition of his service, he has been given a property to help with his recovery, a monthly government stipend, and weekly check up sessions with a Medius mage named Kitab Tibb.

Emren's house is fairly expensive and well furnished. His personality has shifted entirely from a combative, prideful person with a purpose to fight against the Niskaru, to an absent-minded scholar of the arcane, who with ample time and money from his stipend. The main drives that Emren has is his desire to finding out about the missing time from his memory, spanning for a length of time that he is not certain of. Emren has been well situated by the state in terms of housing and income, Emren is unable to find out information regarding his poor memory from them. As such, he has made few contacts in the city's underbelly, notably Ashan who has not led him astray so far.

Ashan has recently given Emren the information that he might be able to find some information regarding his memories in a ruin a few days out from the city in a forest. Emren was warned of the presence of Errbos cultists in the area, and as such will have company whilst travelling and exploring the ruins. It is with this information that Emren heads to the gates of the city to await his new temporary compatriots. Their motives for travelling with him are unknown, but Emren is not an inherently suspicious or untrusting person anymore, and strives to see the good in people or give them the benefit of the doubt. Emren began his recovery on 01 Nov 2515, and has been in his home and milling around the city since then. His inheritance is a tiny gnome-crafted music box that plays a song he dimly remembers from his childhood.

Flashbacks and Visions

Through his travels with Charlip's Angels, Emren has received visions and flashbacks form sources ranging from suits of evil armour, ornate platinum hand mirrors or even the snapping of twigs during a night's watch.

Season/Episode No: S1E4

Date: Saturday 4-21-11-2516

Triggering Event: Casting detect magic on the large glowing orb in the Sunvar library.

Description: You have a PTSD flashback of being hit by a lightning bolt, thrown from a mage clad in red and black robes who cackles as she attacks him.

Season/Episode No: S1E5

Date: Sunday 4-22-11-2516

Triggering Event: Emren makes a history check upon inspecting The Red Sacrament for the first time outside The Sunvar Estate. Emren makes a wisdom saving throw, resulting in a flashback.

Description: Emren is in a desert, there are bodies littered around him. Most of them are wearing Dominion armour, some of them are wearing Praecursarator corps armor, and some are clad in Medius mage robes, the robes that Emren is wearing. Some of the living people fighting do not appear to wear armor that he recognises. They are wearing armour like the dark armour he had just inspected, with one person that appears to be wearing the exact same armour. Troops to Emren's left and right seems to be getting killed with little resistance. There are only a few troops left, the ominous figure advancing from about 60-70 ft away. He is flanked by minor lackeys wielding spears and wearing similar armour but not full plate.  Emren attempts to cast a spell, and as he does so, the skull above the waistline on the armour glows and a beam shoots out from it and hits Emren square in the face. Everything goes red, and Emren's vision comes back to the present.  

Season/Episode No: S1E9

Date: Saturday 4-28-11-2516

Triggering Event: Emren hears snapping twigs during an evening's watch following a poor perception check.

Description: Emren flashes back to the desert, with a few other people around him. Emren sees familar faces but does not know their names. 1/3 of the party is awake, 2/3 asleep, those who are awake are on edge. Mages are ready to fight and can hear the heavy thumping around the camp. There are a couple of sources of magical light in the camp but not much can be seen beyond the camp. A few members of the watching party scouts out, whilst the main group tries to keep them there. They leave anyway claiming that it is their job to look out, and after a few minutes no more thudding can be heard. Just after 7 minutes, a loud yell is heard from a scout and sprinting in our direction is heard. A guttural scream follows that reverberates throughout everyone's heads. The rest of the group awakens as the scout returns covered in his and another's blood. Everyone is getting ready for a fray as chittering noises are heard all around them, getting closer.

Season/Episode No: S1E11

Date: Monday 4-30-11-2516

Triggering Event: Emren falls asleep halfway through his watch after succesfully hijacking the cart full of gems.

Description: Emren sees that hes bleeding on the floor and the wounds that hes sustained are from Nistaru teeth and claw. He feels a rush of divine energy, seeing a Dominion cleric yelling something at him and dragging him to his feet. In front of him he sees something large looming out of the fog approaching both him and the cleric. Emren's minor Death card has come to pass.

Season/Episode No: S1E12

Date: Sunday 4-06-12-2516

Triggering Event: Emren peers into his Mirror of the Past out of sight to gather some more information after having just seen his parents.

Description: Emren is in a university, a mundane lecture goes on and Emren's friends play dice and stack their books such that it blocks the game from view. They get yelled at by the lecturer for not paying attention and Emren feels a sense of dread from getting caught.

Season/Episode No: S1E14

Date: Friday 4-11-12-2516

Triggering Event: Emren peers into his Mirror of the Past focusing on any childhood memory he might have of his parent's faces.

Description: A young child walking up to a door like the front door. The child goes inside and sees the back of a man and woman in another room over. The child plays with the boxes and tries to get into one of the boxes. He pulls a box over and breaks a lot of crockery, some of which injures the child. The child starts crying, prompting the woman to come towards him and comfort him. The voices and faces of all three people are difficult to identify.

Season/Episode No: S1E21

Date: Friday 4-26-12-2516

Triggering Event: Emren received a memory of a conversation about Sohar upon nearing the City's main gates.

Description: Emren is in the desert at a campsite, one of his group's making. Heis talking to someone whos name he doesnt recall. This person is from the south, and tells Emren about The Silver City Sohar. It is named so because of the precious metal and gem mines. The person continues byt saying that they are all pretentious cunts, putting silver on the city walls and murals just to show off and that its stupid. He joined the military to get away from all that. Emren confesses he also joined the military to get away from something similar.

Season/Episode No: S1E27

Date: Friday 4-30-12-2516

Triggering Event: Emren solves one face of the cube gifted by The Keeper.

Description: Several explosions nearby shaking the view of the flashback, which is being viewed from a shaky first person perspectiveof Emren himself. There are people around Emren can see who are clad in Derem military attire of the Praecursator corps. Emren falls over as an explosion hits nearby, the person looks up from the ground, and once looking up sees the corps fighting Niskaru Bloodhunter. These form a semi circle around a larger Niskaru Horrinox that seems responsible for casting the explosions. Emren falls to the floor, and is wearing a necklace with a yellow sphere in it. He Breaks the necklace and throws it at the caster. The sphere explodes and the face of the cube goes blank.

Season/Episode No: S1E36

Date: Friday 4-02-01-2517

Triggering Event: Emren makes a perception check upon seeing The Shadow Man for the third time spotting a glowing ring on The Shadow Man's right hand.

Description: In the desert, Emren is in a tent with an open flap. Emren can hear muttering outside, familiar voices but cant recalls the names. Emren is changing into his war mage armour, pulling his cloak over it. Underneath the cloak, Emren sees another set of robes in a chest in the tent, with the same differently coloured glowing ring that Emren just saw on The Shadow Man. The presence of the clothing in his tent is familiar to him.  

Season/Episode No: S1E37

Date: Friday 4-03-01-2517

Triggering Event: Emren finds a corpse wearing red robes with gold trim, adorned with a pin of The Red Right Hand in the Nizlan keep. The corpse is amongst a pile of bodies in a corridor leading up to the throne room.

Description: He is in a different tent, just before sunrise with quite a few people around the entrance to the tent. Emren is barking orders at the people at the entrance. Once individual attempts to respond before Emren silences them with a stare. Emren adorns the robes with gold trim on himself and pins the red pin to himself. He walks outside towards an outcrop, seeing a vast desert ahead of him. He sees far off in the distance the skeleton of the niskaru lord. He loves the smell of Niskaru in the morning.

Season/Episode No: S2E4

Date: Friday 4-16-01-2517

Triggering Event: Emren sees a woman sitting at a desk who he recognises as Alara Saud, daughter of the house they just broke into.

Description: Emren sees a younger version of Alara Saud, scribing for Emren as he shouts at her. Emren is telling her to write down about a seditious branch they're close to eliminating, and to write that they are almost finished. Further budget cuts would result in severe interruption. The Niskaru are a distant and menial threat, The Serpent's Hand is the most pressing and dangerous threat to the empire and the emperor. She reads the last part of the letter back, and Emren nods to her. She asks how much longer she has to scribe for until he will teach her, after which he leers at her and leaves the tent.

Season/Episode No: S2E8

Date: Wednesday 4-28-01-2517

Triggering Event: Emren presses an angry soldier named Slalom in a Weathered Spoon along the road to Bulwark for answers upon noticing that he was staring daggers at Emren.

Description: Slalom angrily recounts the story of Emren's management of his scouting squad. Emren was a member of The Red Right Hand who had sent Slalom and nine of his companions on a scouting mission. The ten of them returned having failed their mission. In response to this, Emren burned the other nine scouts to death in front of Slalom, to serve as a reminder of the price of failure. For this, understandably, Slalom wants to slit Emren's throat.

Season/Episode No: S2E15

Date: Wednesday 4-15-02-2517

Triggering Event: Emren solves the third face of the puzzle cube given to him by The Keeper.

Description: Emren is in a plain looking courtyard. There are quite a few people around, and it looks like some sort of ceremony is ongoing. Emren sits down and can see a large pyre with a half dozen bodies on it. Someone by the pyre holds a torch and hands it to Emren to light the pyre. Emren does so, and turns around to walk out from the funeral. Emren sees quite a few Dominion soldiers about, and the crowd is in tears. After a moment of silence, Emren walks out to the side where there is a thin tweedy looking man guarded by a handful of robed mages all of whom have Red Hand pins. The individual feels familiar and leads Emren away. Emren suspects that this is Dar Adal, leader of The Red Right Hand. Conversation ensues. Emren is asked about what message has been put out about these people, Emren says it's something along the usual lines. He then asks if Emren has reconsidered his offer. Emren looks back over the scene of bawling family members in front of the pyre. Emren responds by saying he accepts. The man gives an unhappy but accepting nod, before walking away with Emren.

The Shadow Man

Emren started seeing a tall shadowy man during his time in Nizlan that nobody else was able to see. This led Emren to believe he was going insane or that he was being stalked by the same entity that Mashhad feared.

Season/Episode No: S1E28

Occurrence No: 1

Date: Friday 4-31-12-2516

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man for the first time peering out of the alleyway beside The Sphinx Armory. Emren was keeping watch whilst the rest of the party attempted to physically mar the sigil in the wall. Emren saw The Shadow Man standing in the square staring directly at him. Emren turned around to alert his companions, but upon looking back into the square The Shadow Man has vanished.

Season/Episode No: S1E30

Occurrence No: 2

Date: Friday 4-01-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man as he surveys the street from the top of Soma's Balms and Salves. He makes out that the man does not have very brightly coloured eyes, has dark hair, dark clothing, and is roughly 6ft tall. Emren casts message to try and communicate with the entity, though no response was given.

Season/Episode No: S1E32

Occurrence No: 3

Date: Saturday 4-02-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man twice whilst trying to keep an eye out for more Husks on the way through Raintown to the Zenith. He does not make out much of the entity this time. Emren blinks more often after this, to try and catch more details of The Shadow Man next time.

Season/Episode No: S1E32

Occurrence No: 4

Date: Saturday 4-02-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren spots The Shadow Man again on the way to The Zenith. The Shadow Man does seem to have a face, though heavily scarred with large and small gashes. Brown eyes, darkish brown skin but he looks very familiar to Emren. Something about the man definitely seems familiar. Emren's gut feeling is that he knows this man from some time in the military, with the scars on his face seeming like they werent from blades. Emren asks Zafry to look at what hes seeing, but Zafry is unable to make anything out, making Emren feel a lot more paranoid.

Season/Episode No: S1E32

Occurrence No: 5

Date: Saturday 4-02-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man whilst trying to keep an eye out for more Husks on the way through Raintown to the Zenith. He does not make out much of the entity.

Season/Episode No: S1E36

Occurrence No: 6

Date: Saturday 4-02-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man just before he heads down into The Hive's hideout. Emren studies the figure for any changes in body language or appearance, and spots a gold ring on his left hand, triggering a flashback. Emren has also learned from Gifan that a shadowy figure was what Mashhad believed was stalking him, hence the fixation on sight and bright lights. The party believes the same entity is stalking Emren.

Season/Episode No: S1E37

Occurrence No: 7

Date: Sunday 4-03-01-2517

Description of Event: Emren sees The Shadow Man upon entering Nizlan keep.

Season/Episode No: S1E38

Occurrence No: 8

Date: Sunday 4-03-01-2517

Description of Event: Shadow man appears after the party defeats Mashhad and reappears in the throne room. This time he is visible to everyone. Shadow man was going to take Mashaad back to where he belongs, as he will with Emren, as he will with all of them. he party was taken to Mashhad's imagination during the fight, where he was always imagining fake enemies and threats. Shadow Man says that if Kydomos awakens Moloch, he will welcome him and Kydomos back with open arms. The party is invited to navigate through the small population tribes throughout the desert beyond the Niskaru Lord skeleton to find home again.

Season/Episode No: S1E39

Occurrence No: 9

Date: Tuesday 4-05-01-2517

Description of Event: Party sets sail aboard captain Siverek Chesh's ship The Wavecrasher after successfully liberating Nizlan and wanting to escape before the forces of Providence arrive. Emren wearily looks out over the docks as the ship pulls away, where he sees that The Shadow Man yet follows him, ever staring silently. Emren screams in frustration before returnign to his quarters to pet Prop.

Season/Episode No: S2E8

Occurrence No: 10

Date: Monday 4-26-01-2517

Description of Event: After defending Charlip's home against The Spawn of Erebos and escorting Dimmy back near the road, Emren takes a watch and sees The Shadow Man watching him again. Emren's mental state deteriorates further.