Full Name: Qwen'yx
Party: Charlip's Angels
Class and Subclass Info: Revised Ranger , Hunter Conclave 7
Gender: Male
Status: Dead : 4-2517-02-16
Race: Githzerai
Date of Birth (Age): 34 (Time is different in Limbo)
Physical Description: 6 ft 2 green

Qwen'yx was a lone Githzerai who found himself in the forests outside Providence on the continent of Derem. He was associated with Charlip's angels (Though he'd never use that name.) and was there for the discovering of the Sunvar estate and for the siege of Nizlan by Mashhad. He lost his life in "The graveyard".

Before the Party

Qwen'yx like most Githzerai was born and raised on the plane of Limbo in the city of Sha'sol'kou . Although he had a decent capacity to control the chaos it was his physical prowess that got him selected to be part of the venturing into the material plane via an adamantine fortress. His first excursion to the plane hand him land near the village Spynarlae. There he befriended the local fisherman and worked on their boats to obtain fish for the Gith'Zerai. This is where he learnt Common although a rather limited vocabulary and also how boats in water work and how to operate one.

After this first excursion it was a while before the next fortress was sent out. This time did not go so smooth. Qwen'yx woke up alone in a forest surrounded with some chaos. He tried to locate the fortress and the rest of the gith but to no avail. Zerthimon had abandoned him. To feed himself he took the little chaos that was transported with him and transmuted it into a bow to hunt the local wildlife. He had to survive until they found him.

Meeting the party

Qwen'yx was surviving in the small forest he had come to call home after a couple of years being stranded here. One night a small group consisting of two horned creatures and a malformed child. as they approached closer their torch revealed them to actually be two tieflings and a gnome or halfling (he always did forget the differences between them). Eventually they spotted him despite his best efforts and after some rather basic conversation in common they convince him to join them on a quest to some local old ruins which they say may hold the secret to sending him back to Sha'sol'kou.

It was at these ruins that Qwen'yx got to show his skill with aa bow when he and the party dispatched of cultists who were about to sacrifice someone on the dias there. Once unbagged and unbound this small rat like fellow professed to be an amnesiac by the name of Solomon and this ragtag group of five became the party who would go on to be called Charlip's angels. (Note that Qwen'yx hated that name and much prefered Parapraxis Pentad but was outvoted.)