The Medius

Leader – Temer Leng (male, human).

The Medius is the organised magical community within Derem and is responsible for practical magical education of those with innate magical abilities, as well supporting the Machinists and the other elements of the state.

Groups from the Medius, known as detachments, are frequently assigned to assist specific elements of the Dominion, the Red Right Hand and other state entities, either on a temporary basis (for example, to assist with a construction project) or indefinitely (for example, the battlemages that are a permanent part of the Praecursator corps.

As a result of the ever present Niskaru threat, as well as a lack of some of the negative history with magic that other countries have had (see, the Templar Order), the Medius have a rather lackadaisical attitude to magic and magical research – no school of magic is prohibited, and magic in general is judged more in terms of the results of a mage’s actions, rather than the mechanism by which those results were brought about.